Learning from the Herbs

What was the first plant you connected with?

Personally, I am super grateful for the common herbs for being my introduction to gardening.

Especially I thank the “gateway” herb – Marijuana who opened my eyes to the plant path and widen my consciousness to include all life as beings.

Even the most common herbs: basil, rosemary, and sage (as pictured below) have much wisdom to share.

The best way to learn is by interacting with the plants themselves: harvesting, drying, and using them in meals. Luckily these three herbs are easy to grow & found in nurseries and gardens just about everywhere.

Other tools, like books, classes (both in person & online) and walks with an herbalist friend are also important to the practice of learning. Here are three of my favorite and most used books:

At this point in my studies as a self-taught herbalist I feel called to share a bit of what I have learned over the years through independent study and practice of growing, collecting and creating with these herbal medicines.

my Plant Profiles

Over the years I have written much about the different herbs I grow and use in my herbalism practice. These entries are scattered across the internet, in past blogs, in my various social media profiles. So the pages are gathered here on this website and in the tabs bellow the main Plant Profile tab. This collection will be a work in progress as my experience in herbalism and writing grow. Enjoy!