::the Forest Herbology shop::

I love crafting and spend much time creating handmade booklets, sewing kits, teas, and herbal products to share with the world! Here are a few of them.

Salves and Skin Care Products:

In my garden in the mountains of central Argentina I grow organic calendula flowers which are transformed into a healing skin cream by my Mom! Besides calendula flowers, this salves contains almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax. There are two variations available, both 4 ounces which is a years supply of salve for one person, one is in glass and meant for adults and the other is in a more baby-proof plastic container and meant for new parents. Both are available via Staccarto.com in California and can be shipped anywhere in the United States, check the button bellow for more details!

Zines and Publications:

The internet and social media are great but, there is something special about physical booklets. Zine culture, far from being replaced by the rise of instant media and social media platforms, is experiencing a revival. Personally I have been making zines since high school. Many of these mini-publications made reside in a box under my bed and are too personal to share. But in recent years I have produced a quarterly (maga)zine to document my adventures in gardening and information about herbalism. This line of zines called the Libra Gardener Zine is available for purchase on my Ko-Fi and Etsy pages:

Sewing Kits:

This clothing repair kit is for those who are into hand sewing and visible mending and want to make their clothes last longer. By mending your clothes, beloved items of clothing can last years longer. This Sashiko inspired mending kit includes both sewing and embroidery supplies. It is for those who sew on the go and includes all the mending supplies for a well-rounded sewing repair kit.

Shipping and Other Important Info:

All of these items are made by me, or alongside my mom, and shipped from our studio in California and available for purchase in the North America.

Some items are also for sale in Argentina and neighboring countries of South America, and I am open to shipping to other countries and doing trades — If you have a trade proposal, just e-mail me at chloecalendula@protonmail.com